Secure, low cost, borderless money transfers.

Payments made using your Sasai E-Wallet are secure, swift and simple. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a conversation with a loved one at home and felt the need to assist in whatever way you can, then Sasai’s E-Wallet is for you. With your Sasai E-Wallet, you can transfer funds from your wallet to your friends instantly. Link all your bank cards and mobile money accounts to your wallet, type an amount and press send. It’s that simple.

Shop Online

Find all your favourite online stores under Sasai Explore and shop conveniently on one platform using your Sasai E-Wallet. With your bank cards linked, you can shop in stores like Amazon, Ali Express, eBay and many more.



A global multi-currency digital wallet.

We’ve partnered with payment providers like Visa Mastercard and Paypal to bring a multi-currency online payment experience to all Sasai customers through our E-Wallet. Whatever the currency, the Sasai E-Wallet allows you to make payments globally at the lowest fees possible.