Dear smartphone owners

Dear smartphone owners:


Dear smartphone owners:

Why toggle between Instagram, WhatsApp or Google Pay when you can eat your cake and have it all in one place? I’ll explain in a Moment…

I’m sure most, if not all of you agree that social media has not only taken the world by storm over the last decade or so but has also become incredibly dynamic these days. The whole phenomenon has become so heavily integrated with our everyday lives, one sometimes wonders what life would have been like without it. At the moment, it is our one-stop shop for all things relevant, socially topical. For young professionals like me, it is our happy place for all things business and politically newsworthy.
Let’s be honest this 2020, even some of that ‘woke’, conscious celeb gossip we can’t go a day without, quite often gets our troll-typing finger juices flowing. The social media landscape though evolving, is here to stay and it only makes sense to latch onto this trend, experience it, capture it and share it with our friends and the world at large.

Let me take you on a journey quickly, so you understand just why something so proudly African could potentially be to the global social payments industry, what Candy Crush is to the smartphone gaming industry.

Sasai quite simply put, is a super app. An integrated social payments app that does it all. Yes, it’s true! Chat, Call, Pay, Remit, Shop you name it, with Sasai it’s all possible. No split screens, no app drawers, no unused apps taking up space you don’t have, just one super app that gives you the power to do it all. It’s actually getting a major upgrade very soon (as if doing 100 things already wasn’t enough). You’re about to be able to capture experiences and share it in style with not just friends privately but with folks that follow you. Yes, user-generated content is massive globally and Sasai is about to bring this feature to its users in a massive way through what it’s calling Sasai Moments. It’s essentially a place where you can post videos, audios, images, links and share life’s moments with your loved ones at the tap of an icon. Love it!

How it works?

You simply open the Sasai app (you should already have the app by now), tap on the Moments icon right at the center of the bottom navigation and begin. To post something, just tap on the plus sign to either upload and share or capture and share an experience with your followers. Not in the mood to post something just yet, simply endlessly scroll through what your friends and others you follow have posted. P.S. Don’t panic, you don’t have to create a new profile for Sasai Moments thankfully. Excellent user experience. It’s actually the same profile you’ve been chatting with all along that you created when you registered for the app, that becomes your new Moments profile.

If you’re a content creator or a trendsetter, you should be excited right about now! Give it a try and let us know what you think.