Verify the authenticity of medical products

Scan the product with Sasai Authenticate to see the manufacturer’s name, the date of production and all the distribution points including the shops it has passed through.

Verify your medical consignment before sales

When your business receives medical supplies from the manufacturer, you can scan the barcode or QR code using Sasai Authenticate. The product will then be verified and logged into a digital ledger, allowing it to be traced and making its location known.

Hold a database of all manufactured and distributed medicine

Record unique serial numbers for each test kit, remedy or vaccination produced into your database with Sasai Authenticate, using a unique barcode or QR code. This allows for tracing along the distribution network.

Local and Global Health Endorsers

Whether you are a Local and Global Health Organisation, Sasai Authenticate allows you can endorse digital health certificates in the form of digital signatures and logos. You can also access the statistical data produced from Sasai Authenticate.

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