A day in the life of a Sasai user

A day in the life of a Sasai user


A day in the life of a Sasai user/ Nothing beats life on Sasai

It’s 3am, you wake up in sweat after a nightmare and everything is dead quiet, you reach for the light, try to switch it on and it doesn’t come on. In panic mode, you reach for your phone, switch on the flashlight and go to the metre to see what’s going on. You realise that you’ve run out of power and buy it using Sasai and go back to sleep but with your light on this time.

You wake up earlier than usual, immediately grab your phone to while up time and go through your Sasai chats, respond to the most important ones including bae’s and go onto Sasai social sites to catch up. You jump out of bed realising that the chats were so interesting you were almost late for work and prepare for work.

You order a ride on the App and play games while you wait. When the taxi comes, you pay for it and in all of this since 3am you still have not left the Sasai App.

Office time is hectic but you have enough time to grab a quick bite with your friends for lunch and Sasai splits the bill for you. On your way home, you order dinner to be delivered so that when you get home the food arrives straight after. You have you dinner, beam a movie from your phone and when that is done, you prepare for bed. Once in bed, you explore the Sasai social sites and sleep snatches you away peacefully.

This is what Sasai, the all in one app does for you, your whole day embedded within this one app from payments, chatting to exploring!